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AmeriBenefit Plan

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I help people live healthier and happier lives while saving time and money with an exclusive members only AmeriBenefit Association plan.

Membership Benefits!

  • Health Benefits: CleverRx, Telemedicine, Labs, Imaging and much more.
  • Consumer Discounts: Perks Program, Safelight Auto,  Roadside Assistance plus more.
  • Business Discounts: UPS discounts, Lenovo, Tax Services, Business Solutions.
  • ​*$10,000 Term Life
  • ​*$10,000 Accident
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"We saved $75 off our insurance Co-Pays by using the AmeriBenefit Clever RX benefit"!

One of the tremendous Health and Wellness benefits of the Ameribenefit Plan is knowing you are saving money by finding the lowest prescription prices in the area!

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Stop wasting time and money! Sign up now for the Ameribenefit Plan 


What others are saying about us

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"I had no idea my insurance co pays for my prescriptions were so high"

I saved enough money from what I was paying in co-pays to pay for the plan plus put extra few bucks in my pocket.

- James Washington

"I needed some Life Insurance and was denied"

I was diagnosed with an illness that prevents me from getting life insurance. I just wanted to make sure if something happened I had money to cover my expenses.

-Adam Adah

"My children get ear infections. I really needed Telemedicine"

I already used the unlimited telemedicine benefit 4 times in 2 months. It saved me lots of time dragging my kidos to doctors office.

- Jules Vanreit 

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Basic Plan

Get ALL these amazing benefits!


  • Health Benefit: EasyHearing, Direct Lab, Swansons Vitamin, Prioritize Wellness, CLEVER RX
  • Consumer Savings: MAS Benefits (Abenity)and Lenovo discounts!

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Basic Plus

Benefits of the Basic Plan Plus 


  • $10,000 Life: Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance. No medical questions asked.
  • WellVia Telemedicine: 24-7 doctor consult for the family. You pay zero out of pocket  

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Only Available in Select States. 


  • Basic Plan Benefits
  • ​$5,000 Term Life
  • ​$5,000 Critical Illness
  • ​$5,000 Accident
  • ​$5,000 AD&D
  • ​Disability Income
  • WellVia  Telemedicine
  • Imaging
  • Point Health Advocacy
  • ​Plus More:

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Best Accident Protection


  • Basic PlusBenefit
  • $10,000  Accident Protection
  • $5,000 A&DD
  • Disability Income
  • WellVia Telemedicine
  • ​Point Health Advocacy
  • Imaging/Lab
  • ​Safelight Auto
  • ​Vision/Hearing
  • Plus More:​

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Best of everything 


  • Basic Plan Benefits
  • $10,000 Term Life
  • $10,000 Accident
  • $10,000 Critical Illness
  • $5,000 AD&D
  • ​Disability Income
  • ​Additional Business Savings
  • ​Additional Consumer Savings
  • ​Added Travel Discounts
  • ​Plus More:

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Guaranteed Issued Life Insurance.  

Included in Basic Plus, Premium and Elite Ameribenefit Plans. No medical questions asked! All rights reserved 2023 and beyond. 
5055 N Highway N suite 118  
St Charles MO 63304