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What is so special about owning your own business?

Are you Tired of working for someone else?

Are you Looking for a new career or Business Opportunity?


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  • Training: Day or Night get answers when you need them?
  • Support and Mentorship: No need to reinvite the wheel just plug yourself into the system.
  • Finacial Freedom: What do you need? What do you want to make?
  • Growth: Grow your business how you want. 
  • Flexibility: Work when you want and where you want. 
  • Unlimited potential: Big time, Small time or Anytime its all up to you.  

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Quick Start Program

 I will send you my personal video on why you should join my team and what My quick start program is?

I am only taking on a few team members. Time is now before new government rules take effect! Huge Opportunity in Near Future. 

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Compass Health Consultants continues to be a strong, stable and growing business!

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  • 80%: Over 80% of the individuals that come to us have no insurance experience. Not licensed? No problem! Our hiring managers can walk you through the licensing process.
  • ​500 Top Agents: Our top 500 agents average $75,000 of income per year.
  • 250 Top Agents: Our top 250 agents earn over $125,000 per year.
  • ​85%CHC has an 85% retention rate with our brokers (On average the insurance industry sees a turnover rate of 92%).

CHC is a proud partner of Healthcare Solutions Team. We are committed to helping families, individuals and groups get the absolute best health insurance coverage for their unique needs. We are a dynamic sales and marketing company founded by salespeople for salespeople. We help clients with unique solutions to the country’s most critical problem. Our total support system creates a fast and simple way to enjoy a purposeful career with huge income potential.

We are not captive. We are captivating!

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As a Health Insurance Broker you will:

  • ​Represent a variety of insurance products not just one
  • ​Complete training and proven support system is already in place
  • ​Exclusive leads, cutting-edge technology – FREE
  • ​Work from our office or from your home office
  • ​Sales can be done over the phone and online
  • ​Freedom to sell nationwide, no territory restrictions
  • ​Weekly advance commissions
  • ​Renewal commissions for long term income
  • ​No limits to what you can earn.

A little about me.
Howard the Health Insurance Guy!

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I am passionate about helping people and making a difference in this world. I started my carrier as a health insurance broker right before Obamacare became law in 2009. I was so excited to help people find something that, by law, they had to have. The ACA may not have turned out to be the best-implemented law, but we, as insurance brokers, are so desperately needed.

People need health insurance choices and help. In today's environment is very important that people get the insurance coverage they need at the most affordable price! Helping people make good choices is where you can help!

If you are reading this and considering joining the team, let me tell you about the process. The first thing we do is fully explain the opportunity in detail. We would set up an interview to introduce you to HST/Compass and all this career offers. I am sure you have many questions, and this will be the time to get all those answered.

If you are a licensed agent, we then start contracting and onboarding. FYI if you already have contracts with certain carriers and want to keep those relationships, no problem. We are not captive; you can run your business however you see fit. For example, let us say you already have an FMO for Medicare but are just looking for individual under 65 help or Group opportunities; perfect! We are just here to support you in any way we can.

Let us say you are not licensed. No problem; we will guide you in this process and help you obtain your license. I have sales opportunities for anyone on day one. We have some products that do not require a license at all.

This job allows you to work at a local office or from home. We do lots of zoom meetings with clients and sell in numerous states. Of course, we occasionally meet with clients too.

This is a 100% commissioned job. YES, you can start making money from day one; however, this must be known upfront. Don't quite your day job just yet, LOL, just kidding you do what is best for you and your family.

It costs approximately about $175 to go through pre-licensing and to acquire your state health and life license. WOW! Who knew you could literally start a legit business for only around $175? Getting your license in some states is less and in some more.

Remember you can do this part-time, BIG-TIME or any time. The choice is yours. Just let me know your expectations.

In the beginning, I will be your leader. I am available 24-7 for you. It is my job to get you up and running. We have built a system so that almost everything can be learned at your own pace. We have webinars, videos, and weekly live training. We do put you through an intense three-day training in the beginning. Get out your checkbooks...LOL.. JK, I remember being sent to Chicago for training when I first joined the team. I was put up in a hotel and fed three meals a day. I was positive HST would try and sell me materials or a course at some point, and I would have to pay up or walk home. LOL.. That never happened, and when I saw the time and money that was put into me on a complete chance I might turn out to be an okay agent, I was SOLD!

I took the training and the constant support and really hit my grove months later. Within 2 years I had sold a million dollars in AV and became a partner in the company! WOW, profit sharing each year plus a $10,000 bonus check! I won numerous trips out of the country, and I absolutely love what I do!

When I started, I did not know the first thing about health insurance or sales. I will admit it wasn't easy in the beginning. Clocking in and being told what to do was what I was used to. When I started I had all the resources and help I needed but sometimes golf or taking the day off was more important. Guess what? Nobody cares. That is a blessing and can be a curse. I had to develop some self-discipline to make the money I wanted. I never got better at golf, either. lol. I am a work in progress like all of us.

Fill in the next steps, and let us get you going! Some opportunities are coming up in the next few months that could jump-start your career. The COVID emergency is ending, and 2 million people will be kicked off Medicaid and looking for help. We can get you up and running to help them!

Howard VanBooven

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