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Top 10 Newest Group Health Insurance Options!

I am proud to offer you the most comprehensive and innovative options in the market. I have spent countless hours researching and evaluating the best group health insurance plans to provide you with the most competitive and tailored solutions. Here is a list of what is NEW!

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  • ​Zero Deductible Plans: Everything is a Co-Pay
  • No Participation Requirements: Typical Group Insurance requires 50%  We have plans that only need a total of 5 members. That can even be a single family with 4 defendants. 
  • No Contribution: Typical group insurance requires the employer to pay 50% for the employee. I have plans that allow employer to set a budget and pay that amount. 
  • Single Family: A single family can even qualify for group coverage.
  • New Group Carriers: Allstate Health and others have joined the Group Health Insurance Market
  • 50 Person ACA Penalty: For as little as $75 Monthly per, large groups can satisfy ACA requirements that avoids penalty.  
  • Gap Enhancements:  Take any group's current plan's deductible to as low as zero
  • Portable Guarantee Issue Life: Groups can get GI Life and employees can take it with them if they leave. 
  • Unlimited Dental: Dental plans with no caps!
  • All electronic enrolment:  No more paper apps!

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