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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance.

Included as a benefit in the Ameribenefit  association plan 

  • ​$10,000
  • ​$5,000

Family members are the most important people in life and you are always there for them when they need you most. When you provide insurance to help cover your final expenses and more, you take a huge burden from them!

Don't worry about your health condition. You will be accepted-GUARANTEED

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Basic Plus

Benefits of the Basic Plan Plus 


  • $10,000 Life: Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance. No medical questions asked.
  • WellVia Telemedicine: 24-7 doctor consult for the family. You pay zero out of pocket  

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Only Available in Select States. 


  • Basic Plan Benefits
  • ​$5,000 Term Life
  • ​$5,000 Critical Illness
  • ​$5,000 Accident
  • ​$5,000 AD&D
  • ​Disability Income
  • WellVia  Telemedicine
  • Imaging
  • Point Health Advocacy
  • ​Plus More:

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Best Accident Protection


  • Basic PlusBenefit
  • $10,000  Accident Protection
  • $5,000 A&DD
  • Disability Income
  • WellVia Telemedicine
  • ​Point Health Advocacy
  • Imaging/Lab
  • ​Safelight Auto
  • ​Vision/Hearing
  • Plus More:​

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