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ATTENTION: Ask yourself these 3 questions!

  • Do you think insurance covers ALL the latest medical advancements?
  • Do you think insurance covers the newest prescription drugs?
  • Have you ever been upset that you have had money saved for either an emergency or something you really wanted? 

Discover the Revolutionary Medical Savings Plans That Are Changing the Game for Employers and Individuals Alike!

Would you like to save 50% for every dollar you spend on out of pocket medical expenses? What about saving on medical expenses like cosmetic surgery or electives that insurance will not cover?


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  • ​The innovative HMA® and HMRA® programs: Discover how these groundbreaking medical savings plans offer increasing monthly medical benefits to help you and your employees reduce out-of-pocket costs.
  • ​Why HMAS® is a game changer: Learn how this Houston-based financial services company is dedicated to lowering healthcare costs for both individuals and employers through its revolutionary programs.
  • ​The benefits of HMA® and HMRA®: Uncover the reasons behind the 91% retention rate and tens of thousands of satisfied customers, including flexible contribution levels, easy access to benefits, and coverage for most 213(d) medical expenses.
  • ​How HMA® benefits are accessed: Find out how the HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card simplifies the process of paying for qualified medical expenses.
  • ​Making the switch to a more cost-effective healthcare solution: Learn how the HMA® program can help you transition into high deductible health plans to lower your monthly premium costs without sacrificing coverage.

Are you tired of skyrocketing healthcare costs and limited insurance options? Say goodbye to high deductible health insurance plans and take control of your healthcare expenses with our FREE guide: "Revolutionize Your Healthcare: How Health Matching Account Services (HMAS®) Can Save You Money on Medical Expenses."

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