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2024 ACA OPEN ENROLMENT  Nov 1st - Jan 15th

Is the ACA right for you?
Affordable Care Act explained in under 90 seconds!!

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If you are between 100% - 250% FPL more than likely the ACA will be your best priced insurance!

Top 5 Reasons to get ACA Coverage!

  • Expensive Medications: If you need brandname drugs you could be a good candidate for ACA covergae
  • Prexisting Conditions: If you currently are undergowing treatment or follow ups you probably should be on ACA. 
  • Specialty Co-Pays: If you are seeing a specialist routinely for on going treatments
  • Subsidies:  If you qualify for a sizeable tax credit you should be on the ACA.
  • CSR's: Cost Sharing Reduction for those at or bellow 250% FPL 
  • Healthy and above 400% FPL: There is no reason to be an the ACA.
  • ​PPO: You want a large network and are relatively healthy.
  • Lower Deductible: Plans outside ACA have zero or low deductibles.
  • ​ALL COPAY PLAN: Plans have only copays and no deductibles or co insurance
  • ​Income: You make good money and want the best plan for family. 

Top 5 reasons ACA is not a good choice!

Private Insurance offers many different opportunities and sollutions.  

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